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Indianapolis Time - Marion County Indiana
The decision to place a county in a time zone is up to the Secretary of Transportation. All decisions are made "for the convenience of commerce".

(Please see Eastern vs Central for an overview of the Eastern vs Central debate.)

(This map shows the Indianapolis TV Market in yellow with Marion County in the center.)
Despite ties to Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan most Indiana counties have stronger ties to Indianapolis - the center of the state and state capitol. These ties are strong enough that nearly all counties in Indiana have chosen to align themselves with "Indianapolis Time".

Any question about what time zone the majority of the state should be in should start with Indianapolis.

Basic Economic Area

Basic Economic Areas are a way the Federal government divides the nation into commerce areas. The Indianapolis BEA includes all of the counties in the Indianapolis TV Market plus several other Indiana Counties. All counties in the BEA except one in Illinois are in Eastern Standard Time. While some eastern counties may find stronger ties to Kentucky or Ohio and opt to stay in Eastern Time, this BEA should be considered as one area when considering into which time zone Indianapolis should be placed.

When dealing with an area this large one needs to look at a larger picture. An argument could be made that the Indianapolis area could stand alone in either time zone. Indianapolis does not need to be on the same time as Chicago to do business with Chicago.

After being placed completely in Eastern Time in 1969 central Indiana has remained on Eastern Time without any petitions to change. During the 2005 proceedings only six counties in Central Indiana (four on the north edge adjoining the Chicago and South Bend BEAs and two in the south adjoining the Evansville BEA petitioned to move to Central Time. All six petitions were denied and five of the six counties in the Evansville BEA that were moved in 2006 moved back to Eastern Time in 2007.

With no compelling reason to change the status quo should be followed. Eastern Time for Indiana.